The romantic, south facing, ensuite Chapel Room
Struggling to think of an unforgettable gift for Mother's Day? After two years where we have pretty much been unable to celebrate Mother's Day, perhaps its time for a really special Mother's day gift, to celebrate all the wonderful things she has brought to your life? [caption
A selection of Spring camellia on display
Spring Camellias What a joy to be able to go out into the garden every day and pick from a selection of some thirty camellias? The stunning colours and beautiful, varied forms never cease to bring joy to our hearts in the darkest months of the
Sandhill House Bed and Breakfast Spring Opening Date We have done a lot of Winter after the wonderful Christmas break. We are now delighted to let you know Sandhill House Bed and Breakfast will be open on 25 March 2022. Winter works highlight The highlight of the visible
Fern identification examples
Fern Identification What an excellent charity Plantlife is! Having made a decision to develop the fields in front of the house into wild flower meadows, I have loved seeing the flowers. It is fair to say though, I have never  noticed the ferns in the stone
Excellence Award
Traveller Award 2022 We are delighted to have received the Traveller Award 2022, yet again!  Thank you to all our wonderful guests who took the time and trouble to write such kind and much appreciated reviews. It was another very tough year for everyone, but
Stunning Himalayan Rhododendron [caption id="attachment_1922" align="aligncenter" width="323"] Exquisite![/caption] This is our real stunner on the carriage drive, a cream coloured Himalayan rhododendron flower, with beautiful markings in the throat, stigma and anthers. It had its first bloom last year; just the one but this year six. The