Fern Identification

Fern identification examples

Fern Identification

What an excellent charity Plantlife is! Having made a decision to develop the fields in front of the house into wild flower meadows, I have loved seeing the flowers. It is fair to say though, I have never  noticed the ferns in the stone walls or meadow margins. What an excellent fern identification webinar! Simple, clear and excellent illustrations. What a joy to walk around the Meadows that afternoon, and find all the different types of fronds and pinnate forms. How exciting will it be in the Spring when they unfurl?

Without plants nothing else can live, and yet they are totally under represented and neglected in terms of charity status. Where would the big charities, such as RSPB or the apex predator animal charities be if there were no plants?

I would thoroughly recommend Plantlife and their current webinars if you are interested in learning more about the plants we see every day, but don’t really see!

Would you be interested in coming along to stay at Sandhill House for a fascinating plant identification weekend?

All the frond and pinnate types found in our Flower Meadows