Some sunny day………………………. it has arrived!

Sunshine in South East Cornwall

Do you remember when I said ‘We’ll meet again some sunny day?

Well! The sunshine has arrived in South East Cornwall, for a whole week! With the good weather, Winter works are carrying on, at a pace. The Chapel Room’s Juliette balconies, newly painted and sparkling in the sun! My favourite, highly scented rose is bursting forth in leaf. The ‘darling’ deer, have eaten all the others; yes, I am very cross!

Chapel Room – A Room with a View

This is the view from one of the Juliette balconies looking down on the newly installed stone table. Will you be the first to christened it with it’s first cream tea, and possibly, something stronger than tea! There should be tulips in the planter but the deer ate those to! You can get really up close and personal with the deer in our garden!