A very Special Breakfast (according to our guests)

We have developed Sandhill House’  breakfast choices for the very best start to the day, through consulting our guests on their favourites. 

Menus include traditional options, such as a hearty cooked English breakfast, but also lighter options, such as fruit smoothies, smoked salmon and scrambled egg, and even, MSC smoked haddock. We also have menus for vegetarians and vegans.

Wherever possible, produce is sourced locally, supporting local artisan businesses and reducing our impact on the environment. In addition, food must be produced ethically, such as free range and organic. 

Breads include locally produced Chilli and Cheese and Pumpkin Spelt sourdough supplied by Root and Vines, in Tavistock, as well as traditional multigrain and thick white Toasties for a naughty treat!

There is no plastic packed butter here. When available we support Trewithen Cornish butter, although it’s hard to find their unsalted version.

Organic products include Trewithen or West Country milk and our own home grown apple juice from our orchard, pressed locally by ‘Tamar Valley Apple Juice’, in St Dominick.

The apple juice’s sweetness depends on the mix of apples and how well they produce each year. Known varieties are: Lanes Prince Albert, Bramley Seedling, Egremont Russett, James Grieves, Cornish Aromatic, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Howgate Wonder, Worcester Permain, unknown but small and red, may be Queen Cox. We have recently added two local varieties Gull and Cornish Gillyflower, which is amazing! 

We source glass bottled water for guests rooms and breakfast from Just Water Ltd, near Bodmin

All our eggs are free range being supplied by Pete and Kathy Maunder, when available. Their rescued exhibition chickens spend their days in the fields among the hedgerows and run home at night (I keep seeing the picture of their little legs kicking out) for their last feed before being locked up for their own safety for the night. When not laying we buy from Colin Carter in Cornwall.

If you have booked a true retreat in The Tamar Orchard Barn, you are very welcome to book a cooked breakfast, for one morning, as a very special treat or all, for £8.50 per person. 

Anyone for Afternoon Tea?

We also offer truly Cornish Cream teas, jam first of course, for a small charge. So for those afternoons when you have come back from ‘discovering the extraordinary’, and all you want is a truly English cup of tea, but can’t resist the temptation of a holiday treat, we use locally made strawberry jam and Trewithen or Image result for cream teaRodda’s Cornish clotted cream!

So much talent

We are still looking for interesting, ethical and inspirational ideas and products so ‘watch this space’, as this page will continually evolve through our ‘journey of discovery’ in the beautiful Tamar Valley and Cornwall.

Living ethically

Our environmental policy is to follow but in the meantime, we only use laundry and cleaning products that have not been tested on animals, predominantly the Co-operative’s own branded products which carry the BUAV logo www.buav.org. We do not use duck or goose feather or down duvets because the trade is founded on cruelty and many people are allergic to them. Thanks to the well planted gardens, we only use ‘no air miles’ flowers in guest rooms and the house for most of the year.