Stunning Himalayan Rhododendron [caption id="attachment_1922" align="aligncenter" width="323"] Exquisite![/caption] This is our real stunner on the carriage drive, a cream coloured Himalayan rhododendron flower, with beautiful markings in the throat, stigma and anthers. It had its first bloom last year; just the one but this year six. The
Orange coloured toad
Toad of Toad Hall Great excitement here at Sandhill House. Look what we found whilst clearing an area, that really had got out of control, to the point where we couldn't pick our figs! [caption id="attachment_1898" align="aligncenter" width="464"]                  
Full bloom rhododendron
Himalayan Rhododendron Excitement To date, this stunning, early rhododendron has had between one and a six blooms, in the last seven years. This year it is covered in great big, fat buds. No matter what the weather, a trip up the garden will be a must over
Travelmyth Award We were delighted to receive this latest award, from Travelmyth, though you have to laugh because there isn't a lot of competition in tiny Gunnislake!   Travelmyth is a hotel search engine for sophisticated travellers. 
Great excitement in the garden this Spring. Firstly, our beautiful yellow Himalayan Rhododendron was the best it has ever been this March with perhaps fifteen blooms.   However, two years ago we discovered another Himalayan Rhododendron that had been consumed by the common Ponticum, so we