Well! Who have we here?

Orange coloured toad

Toad of Toad Hall

Great excitement here at Sandhill House. Look what we found whilst clearing an area, that really had got out of control, to the point where we couldn’t pick our figs!

Orange coloured toad

                           The common toad, Bufo Bufo

It just goes to show we should not tidy everything up, because this beautiful, moss covered ring of wood, that somehow missed being consumed in the log burner, is this toad’s home. He or she dug a little burrow, keeping him safe from freezing, or being eaten, through the Winter.

Toad Hall

                Toad Hall keeping the toad safe through the cold Winter

Common Toad

Despite being such an amazing orange colour, we think he or she is a Common toad. This log is not going anywhere. It was carefully put back to keep him or her safe, until they are ready to come out and eat the slugs and snails. Natural pest control at its best.  Hopefully, they have bred in our ponds because the frogs have been very busy, with lots of frog spawn in the ponds.