Fudge ‘the Butler’ RIP

Fudge our dog

Fudge ‘the Butler’

It is with the heaviest of hearts that we must let all our dear guests, who knew Fudge the ‘Butler’ so well, or who were looking forward to meeting him, died almost without warning on 7 June this year. He had his 13th birthday the week before, with his special birthday curry, a ‘puppy’ as ever. We had no inkling that there was anything wrong with him. On 7th June he was throwing his big stick around trying to distract our Austrian guests from leaving. He had a ‘yomp’ around the Flower Meadows, followed by in impromptu pizza party, with a friend. At 11pm he seemed to want to go out in the garden, by 2.45am he was dead; there was nothing the emergency vets could do. Apparently, some kind of vascular tumour burst inside him and he bled out. He was the most dearly loved dog ever, and his love for people was legendary as many of you know.

Fudge was named the ‘Butler’ by our guests because he was totally focused on their well-being. He would take you to your room, sit and make sure you were happy and then bring you down for breakfast in the morning. He would go to every table to say “Hello” but never begged, until the toast arrived!

The house has lost it’s spirit and soul but Yukari’s stunning pastel drawing captures both in a way that is incomprehensible.

Fudge our dog

                      Fudge ‘s spirit and soul captured forever